Malt and Extract

We offer over 50 different malts, each selected for their exceptional performance and flavor superiority. Any beer style can be created with the palate of malt flavors available in our store. We also carry premium quality liquid and dry malt extracts for brewers looking for a faster, easier brew day. Free on-site milling through a 2”, 3-roller mill provides our customers with the best crush possible. Bulk discounts are available for any of the malt products we offer.

2-Row General, all-purpose base malt 1.5
Aromatic Malt Strong, malty flavor 20
Beechwood Smoked Malt Used in the rich, smoky beers of Bamberg, Germany 2
Belgian Pilsner Malt Good base for Belgian ales and wheat beers 1.5
Biscuit Malt Toated bread and biscuity flavors 20
Black Malt Sharp flavor, black color with a smoother flavor than Roasted Barley. Ideal for Sweet Stout and Robust Porter 550
Blackprinz Subtle and smooth with no bitter, astringent or dry flavors. Dehusked and similar to Carafa III 500
Brown Malt Imparts a dark roasted flavor. Works great in historic styles of English Ales such as Brown Ales, Mild Stouts and Porters 65
CaraMunich Contributes toasty sweet flavor and aroma 60
CaraPils Dextrin malt that adds foam stability, body and palate fullness 2
Carastan Distinct toffee, roasted and burnt flavors 35
CaraVienna Great caramel malt for Belgian styles 22
Cherrywood Smoked Malt Intense smokiness with barbecue-like sweetness 5
Chocolate Malt A source of rich chocolate and roasty flavors 350
Crystal 10 Contributes mild sweetness 10
Crystal 120 Contributes burnt sugar and prune flavor 120
Crystal 15 Contributes mild sweetness 15
Crystal 20 Contributes mild sweetness and color 20
Crystal 40 Contributes sweet toffee flavor 40
Crystal 60 Contributes sweetness and toasted bread flavors 60
Crystal 80 Deep red color and raisin sweetness 80
Dark Munich Can be used as a base malt for dark german beer or to add rich malty flavor to any style 20
English Dark Crystal Contributes a strong, reddish hue to dark beers. This malt will impart a roasty edge on top of a malty sweetness 85
English Extra Dark Crystal Incredible burnt toffee flavor and a deep ruby color. Use in moderation 120
English Medium Crystal Imparts red color and caramel flavor 65
English Pale Crystal Imparts a light caramel/crystal flavor and slight red hue 25
Flaked Barley Increases head retention, body and mouthfeel 2
Flaked Corn (Maize) Used to lighten body while increasing gravity 1
Flaked Oats Adds a silky, velvety and smooth texture to styles like Oatmeal Stout 2
Flaked Wheat Increases head retention, body and mouthfeel 2
Golden Promise Base malt of Scottish origin. Excellent for any full-flavored beer style 3.5
Honey Malt Contributes malt sweetness with a characteristic honey-like flavor and golden color 25
Maris Otter Rich, slightly nutty flavor. Excellent base for any English beer style 3.5
Melanoidin Malt Increases malt intensity and red color 25
Midnight Wheat A very dark roasted malt with very smooth roast flavor along with intense color 550
Munich Malt Can be used as a base malt for dark german beer or to add rich malty flavor to any style 8
Pale Ale Malt Fuller, nuttier flavor than 2-row. Use as a base malt for ales 3
Pale Chocolate Adds cocoa and coffee flavors to Porters and Stouts 250
Pilsner Malt Excellent base for European Lagers 1.5
Roasted Barley Gives black color with ruby highlights and distinct astringent, roasted bitter flavor 550
Rye Malt Lends a spicy flavor to Roggenbier, Rye Pale Ales and more 3
Saur (Acidulated) Malt Acidified with Lactobacillus for pH adjustment 5
Special B Contributes burnt sugar and prune flavor 120
Special Roast Imparts deep golden to brown color and toasty, biscuity, sour and tangy flavors 50
Torrefied Wheat Puffed wheat which adds toastiness 1.5
UK Chocolate Malt Roastier and darker than it’s US counterpart 450
Victory Malt Biscuity, bready flavor with gold to amber color 28
Vienna Malt High-kilned base malt for Amber Lagers 4
Wheat Malt Use 50% or more for wheat beers or a lesser amount to boost head retention and mouthfeel 3