Our brewing journey began in the late 1970’s, soon after the legalization of homebrewing. It was a comparatively dark age for homebrewing, with limited access to quality ingredients and information about the hobby. After a lengthy hiatus, the torch was passed down to the next generation. Since 2003, our collective experience and knowledge has grown incrementally but steadily, with over 450 unique beers and wines produced. In 2011, our résumé was broadened by attending the Siebel Institute of Technology. Adding a professional brewing education with a focus on the sensory evaluation of beer took our skills to the next level and gave us the confidence needed to open a family business. A homebrewing supply store was a natural fit, especially considering the lack of a complete store nearby. Since 2013, The Bearded Brewer has provided ingredients, equipment and knowledge to both new and experienced brewers. We work as a team to provide the shopping experience that only personalized service can provide: The guidance you need to make the best beer you can, and the finest brewing supplies to brew it with. Contact us today!